PAR Scoring

About PAR Scoring

It is now a statutory requirement of the new NHS orthodontic contract for all performers to monitor treatment outcomes for 20 cases plus 10% of the remainder of their caseload every year using the PAR index.

The new FP17(O), now in use on all cases from 1st April 2008, has a tick box to indicate if the case has received a PAR Assessment. It is believed that this will be used to help the DSD to decide which cases to monitor through PAR.

PAR measures the pre-treatment and the post-treatment study models. Measurements are taken on the models with a PAR ruler. The difference between the scores is the PAR improvement due to the treatment.

At Sinclair Orthodontics we PAR score hundreds of cases every year. Our calibrated technician provides this service to hospitals, orthodontists and GDP’s from all over the UK.

Whether you just want to monitor your own performance or provide PAR scores for the BSA, we are here to help.